Mike Luxton

Dwarven Petroleum

My Role:

My main role on the team was Character Designer and Artist

  • Designed the enemies and main character including the mech and first person arms.

  • Modeled and textured HUD elements

  • Created all in game particles

  • Designed and modeled a few sparse environmental assets

The Mech

The Mech is meant to mirror the cartoony nature of our game play, it is meant to seem very ramshackle and as you can see in the Art Bible went through many changes throughout production.

U.I. & H.U.D.

A video showcasing our H.U.D, originally this was going to be a diegetic interface, but we ended up going with something more obvious for the player.

In game examples of assets I created:


Because of the small team size in addition to the standard assets I created I also needed to learn cascade, and create particles for use in game. Here is an example of some of these particles:


Goals & Features

The player must defend themselves and their Oil Derricks from hordes of attacking dwarves. The player’s goal is to destroy the Cave entrances that the Dwarves spawn from. Once all of the Caves have been destroyed, the game has been won.

Design Philosophies

Fast and Fun

There should always be something on-screen for the player to do. The combat mechanics and enemies provide quick feedback for the player. The in-game upgrade system and control nodes keep the player in the game, so they don’t have to wait until the game is over to upgrade their mech. Lots of enemies reduce down-time and make sure that there is always something to shoot at.

Empower the Player

We want players to feel as though they are riding in a big armored war machine. Sounds and particle effects, mixed with camera shake make the weapons feel powerful. The enemies react when shot, and when charged at, immersing the player in the experience. 

Structured Chaos

To make game-play fast, fun and empowering we need to introduce an aspect of anarchy. By having the player run around the map battling fields of angry Dwarves we are adding challenge. The player has to defend Capture Nodes, also referred to as Oil Derricks as well as destroy the enemies cave system.


Mike Luxton - Character Artist

David Milne - Environment Artist

Nicholas Aspeslet - A.I. Scripter

James Preston - Gameplay Scripter

Matthew Thomas - Animation & H.U.D.

From left to right: Nick, David, Matthew, James, Mike