Mike Luxton

Any Means Necessary

Any Means Necessary is a top down, 2d, action, survival game where the player must escape a horrific facility by killing enemy combatants to buy enough time to find 3 hidden keys. The mechanics are largely based around crafting, survival and intense moment to moment combat with visceral melee weapons. Our goal is to make the player feel constantly at risk, starved for resources and always at the edge of their seat. The game will be developed as a flash based browser game taking advantage of a unique pixel, horror art style. The player begins the game learning that they have been shackled with an explosive timer necklace, continually ticking down. The only way they can continue to live is by killing the other contestants in the game, giving them time to find three separate keys and escape.  The world design is centralized around a home base, where they can heal, craft, and spend resources. Slowly, they begin to push farther away from the base, scavenging resources and killing in search of the key. The farther from base, the more plentiful and deranged enemies become. The games primal melee combat, combined with intense survival mechanics will create and unparalleled and fresh experience.

My Role:

  • Designed basic visual guide for game
  • Created environmental and character art for game
  • Mastered Audio